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CORAM's injection molding factory and aluminum die-casting factory were established in 2017 and are located in Ningbo, a port city with convenient transportation. It is a professional company integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service. The company operates a site of 10,000 square meters, currently employs 130 people, and has an annual output value of 50 million.

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The company's production department consists of five workshops: die-casting workshop (aluminum alloy), injection molding workshop, mold workshop, finishing workshop, assembly workshop, the company is committed to mold research and development, aluminum alloy, engineering plastics processing, product research and development. With advanced plastic injection molding machine, non-ferrous metal die-casting machine, CNC numerical control center, CNC lathe and assembly production line and dust-free spraying line and other major processing equipment, the company's main products involve auto parts, 5G communication accessories, hardware accessories, instruments Instrument accessories, ergonomic brackets and commercial robot accessories, etc.; products cover large-scale high-precision metal die-casting and finishing, advanced plastic injection molding, surface spraying, etc.

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Our injection molding factory has Haitian injection molding machine:

5 MA90, 2 MA120, 3 MA160, 2 MA250, 2 MA300, 2 MA530, 3 blow molding machines, 2 50T vertical machines

Our aluminum die-casting factory has

4 HDC 180, 3 HDC 350, 3 HDC 450, 2 HDC 800, 2 vibration mills, 2 shot blasting machines, 10 machining centers 80, 6 drill presses

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The company has a diversified technical team specializing in product development and production and a well-trained technical workforce, which can provide customers with high-quality and differentiated products and services in an all-round way.

Our mold department has the capabilities of mold design, mold flow analysis, precision machining, electrical machining and mold assembly, and is also responsible for precise measurement and final verification of molds.

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To cast first-class products,  to inject first-class brand, CORAM welcomes friends from all over the world to visit and negotiate.

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