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CAMK17500/C17500/CW104C/CuCo2Be Beryllium Copper Wire or Bar or Strip or Plate

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Material Designation

GB /
UNS C17500
EN CW104C/CuCo2Be

Chemical Composition


Physical Properties


Mechanical Properties



CAMK17500 offers good strength and hardness characteristics coupled with conductivity in the range of 45-60 percent of copper with ultimate tensile and hardness properties  approaching 140 ksi and RB 100  respectively. And it has a unique combination of relatively high electrical  and thermal conductivity, and also available in wrought product forms,it is a heat treatable copper alloy with a high tensile strength.
It can be supplied fully hardened, and have good form. It is utilized when a combination of very good mechanical strength along with moderate  electrical and thermal conductivity is required.


CAMK17500 is primarily utilized in the industry applications that require most highly thermal or electrical conductivity.
1. Electrical Industry: Fuse Clips, Switch Parts, Relay parts, Connectors, Spring Connectors.
2. Fasteners: Washers, Fasteners.
3. Industrial: Springs, Seam Welding Dies, Resistance Welding Equipment, Resistance and Spot Welding Tips, Tooling for Plastic  Moulds, Die–Casting Plunger Tips

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